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Unmistakable exhibited from May 6 to June 27, 2009 in the HERE gallery.

About the show

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present these talented artists to the audiences at HERE Arts Center with "unmistakable". While each of the artist in "unmistakable" is inspired by universal sources and themes such as books, comics, Hollywood films, childhood memories, everyday objects and figurines, their visual worlds are anything but ordinary, and unmistakably their own. Their beautiful works boast decidedly singular/original visual vocabularies and casts of characters that communicate vulnerability, mystery, paranoia and dark humor. It is also unmistakable that the artist love the work they are creating.

On a lighter note, I can't help but imagine all of the characters from these works getting together and having a great time when HERE is closed for the night.

- Brad Greenwood, Curator


Curated by Brad Greenwood



Adriana Farmiga

Mark Fox

Brian Lund

Kirk Nachman

Liliana Porter

Whitney Van Nes