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CULTUREMART 2015 ran from Mar 4 - Mar 14

About the show

Join us this March for CULTUREMART, our annual festival for the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP), where process becomes the focus. Beautifully produced, yet still in development, CULTUREMART provides a platform for current and former Resident Artists to blur the boundaries between dance, theatre, music, new media, puppetry, and visual art, melding these forms to support their adventurous visions. This year’s program features 12 workshop performances spanning topics and genres as varied as brainwashing and bureaucrats, opera and espionage, science and stardom, and everything in-between.

If you’re viewing this page, you’re already a cultural insider; one that we’d venture to guess appreciates being part of something new and fresh. So, we are thrilled to provide our Resident Artists and you, our audiences, CULTUREMART–a vital testing ground, an environment where you can sample live art in progress, provide feedback, and play a crucial role in the development of new work. With a limited number of performances, festival tickets sell fast; get yours today!

Mar 4 & 5 | CasablancaBox
Sara Farrington & Reid Farrington

Mar 4 & 5 | Lighthouse 40° N, 73° W
Christina Campanella & Jim Dawson

Mar 6 & 7 | Thomas Paine in Violence
Paul Pinto

Mar 7 & 8 | Abaddon
Sean Donovan & Sebastian Calderón Bentin

Mar 7 & 8 | Stairway to Stardom
Amanda Szeglowski / cakeface

Mar 9 & 10 | Science Fair
Hai-Ting Chinn

Mar 9 & 10 | The Emperor and the Queen's Parisian Weekend
Kamala Sankaram, Tim Maner & Pete McCabe 

Mar 10 & 11 | Mata Hari
Matt Marks & Paul Peers

Mar 10 & 11 | Psychic Driving
Nick Brooke

Mar 12-14 | Ship of Fools
Jessica Scott

Mar 12-14 | Fitzcardboardaldo
Robin Frohardt

Mar 13 & 14 | Idiot
Kristin Marting & Robert Lyons

photo by Josiah Shelton