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SONG by Leyna Marika P.

About the show

SONG is a movement-based opera inspired by traditional Japanese theater performed to connect to the dead and departed. SONG is poem, a pocket of time, a wish, a lie, a piece of you, a fragment of me, or a way to become we. Taking place in a mysteriously mechanical space ruled by timelessness and music, a game unfolds guiding the performers in creating fragmented self-portraits as they express the difficulties around social life, the sense of self, and a longing to escape it all. SONG illuminates the thread between life, death, and music in a musically interactive landscape with seven distinct performers.  


Created by Leyna Marika P.

Performers: Kamala SankramAva MendozaMegan SternChikako BandoChristian Dautresme, Kaoru WatanabeLeyna Marika P.

Contributing Text by Layli Long Soldier
Set Design/Props by Jerry Smith Jr.Leyna Marika P. and Shusei Sugawara
Lighting Design by Ayumu Poe Saegusa 
Costumes by Irina Arnaut

Photo credit: Kyoko Hamada