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CULTUREMART 2018: 9000 Paper Balloons Spencer Lott & Maiko Kikuchi

Meet 9000 Paper Balloons

About the show

In a sleepy American town, a cloud hovers above the post office. Soon after, a red bicycle and an old mailbox go missing. Then the entire town goes missing. This original ghost story is the result of a collaboration between Japanese artist Maiko Kikuchi and American artist Spencer Lott. A bilingual theatrical presentation, 9000 Paper Balloons explores the relationship between Japan and America.

On a shared bill with A Meal

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Created & Performed by Spencer Lott and Maiko Kikuchi
Lighting Design by Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa
Sound Design by Ashur Rayis
Stage Managed by Rebecca Gushkin

Image by Maiko Kikuchi