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Thrill / Is She Okay? Mook Dance Company

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About the show

Feminism, mental health, fate, and destiny. In this political and social climate, these topics are particularly important to create art in response to. Mook Dance Company presents two recent works, is she okay? and Thrill, works exploring questions surrounding fate, destiny, and whether or not we have agency over our emotional, psychological, and spiritual selves.

Thrill is a work that asks the question of whether or not we can control our psychological, spiritual, and emotional health. The choreographer was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the creation of this work, and each piece/song represents a defining moment of where she was on the scale of emotional and mental health. Was each segment meant to happen? How much control over the piece did she have once diagnosed? Is there freewill regarding its creation? In a nutshell, Thrill explores fat, destiny, and the pursuit of happiness.

Originally set to live music, is she okay? demonstrates the multiple personalities women develop as they mature and age. Most humans, but women especially, are "subject to change", and are expected to adhere to and modify their behavior based on their environment--not based on their natural selves. These varying varying senses of self evolve based on societal pressures and criticisms. Thus, this piece expands on that notion: each dancer representing a different personality that any woman experiences. Each personality has formed based on society, our subconscious, our truest self, and our environment, and affects our most honest base of self in profound and unexpected ways.


Choreography by Winnie Berger
Music composed by John Albert Harris
Musicians: John Albert Harris, Nevada Lozano, Lacy Rose
Dancers: Debra Bona, Parker Grant, Julia Horner, Jackie McCreavy, Brooke Naylor, Natalie Pearson, Sarah Roberts, Jessica Son
Produced by Mook Dance Company

Image credit: Sam Polcer