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Short Long Time Heidi Zito

Undress Happening, OIl Painting Black & White Portrait 9.27, Print Repetition is Pleasure, OIl Painting Yellow 4.4, Print Gramercy Circle, OIl Painting Portrait of R 5.13, Print

Short Long Time exhibited from May 23 to June 30, 2012 in the HERE gallery. 

About the show

HEREart presents

Short Long Time

Heidi Zito's recent paintings, drawings, and videos are a meditation on time. Influenced by the way a video camera sees and records images, she depicts time passing through the use of superimposition and repetition of forms. Zito transforms an initial image, altering and bringing to it new geometries with linear forms and altered, sometimes contradictory, depth perspectives. The superimposition of depicted moments in Zito's pieces allow her to see the relationship among things and with the same set of gestures to create new relationships. What isn’t visible to our naked eyes can be made visible in the processing of film or in a digital editing system: one moment coexisting with another, a multiplicity of things happening on the same frame, at the same time. In this sense, all temporal experiences are in the present, at every moment.


Created by Heidi Zito


Photo: "Undress Happening", Oil on canvas,
             Heidi Zito