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Strange Tales of Liaozhai Hanne Tierney

Strange Tales of Liaozhai

Stange Tales of Liaozhai played from Sept 6 to 22, 2012 in the Mainstage.

About the show

Through choreography and manipulation, master puppeteer Hanne Tierney conducts an intricate counterweight system of over 100 strings, transforming a full stage of inanimate objects into the players of two emotionally charged tales.
This lush work is adapted from 18th century supernatural Chinese folk tales, compiled by the scholar Pu Songling; one is a love story and the other a tale of magic pigeons. They are revealed through two distinct mediums - Hanne Tierney's abstract puppetry and projected, hand-drawn images created by Hannah Wasileski.
These separate narratives wind in and out of each other, unfolding through movement, images, and gestures, with expressive silks, lanterns, and bamboo poles brought to life in real time.
Jane Wang’s original compositions for toy pianos, double bass and self-constructed Asian Space Plates, enrich and complement the two tales. 


Conceived, constructed and performed by Hanne Tierney.

Manipulation by Shawn Lane, Jamey MacGilvray, Hanne Tierney.

Music composed and performed by Jane Wang.

Overhead projection designed by Hannah Wasileski.

Light design by Trevor Brown.

Sound Mix by Phil Soltanoff.