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  • Aug 20 — Oct 10

Dancers continue to inspire and motivate artists and vice versa; this perfect marriage between the two art forms allows viewers to experience the grace and beauty of it all.


  • Jun 26 — Jun 26

Warsaw 1909.  Regina, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, has been seduced by the socialist revolution and its local leader, Silberstein.  But she was not prepared for the consequences. And they are not pretty. 

Orna-Mental State

  • Jun 25 — Aug 15

Orna-Mental State is a body of work about defining what makes someone or something beautiful. This exhibition will question beauty standards associated with the female body.

Comments from the Blog

  • Sarath said:

We have a distant ratleive of Myshkin whom we adopted from the Humane Society when he was 11 months old   therefore he already weighed more than the 72-ounce behemoth served at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. We named him Johnny Cash, the Cat in Black.FYI, if you care, black cats w/ copper, green or yellowish eyes are called Bombay cats, crossbred in the ‘60s and ‘70s beteen black American shorthairs and Burmese. Johnny Cash combines the best characteristics of all of my previous cats. Have fun w/ Myshkin.

  • Anand said:

Wow nice calendar, we have the same taste, I see 6 of the moelds are moelds….LOLJanuary: Brand WillFebruary: Matt ActonMay: Julian FantechiJune: William PriceNovember: Markus ReinhardtDecember: Anthony Cantanzaro

  • Helda said:

It could be that if you are using a proxy it is being cached by it, also if you are on iOS 4 (not apilpcable for iPad I know) then you may need to quit the app fully and then re-launch.

  • Dru said:

it could be the end of the world today it makes it a little less great. They have said this many times bferoe so I’m not worried.  I can’t believe what people say just to sell news covers or magazines. They have said the world will end many times but why isn’t it happening? It doesn’t make sense if a news reporter says that the world will end today and it doesn’t it will make people not want to buy their newspapers. Really it doesn’t.

  • Julian said:

Dear Avi, I hope I am not going against blog eiqtuette by rambling about a subject that is not directly related to the original post. My apologies to the site owner if this is not appropriate, and these will be my last remarks on non violent resistance. (So Avi, incase you respond to this, I will not be making further comments, but not out of rudeness)I was extremly puzzled by your remark that non-violent resisters necessarily live outside society   and your example of Gandhi as a ‘mitboded’ was even more puzzling.I can’t imagine someone who lived more within society than Gandhi. He raised a family, represented the Indian community in South Africa in its struggles for rights before the British empire as their attorney.Later in India he was constantly active in organizing communes, in encouraging domestic production of goods (he himself learned to make shoes) as well of course as constanly being in contact with the British leaders and other foreign bodiesBut his power lay in the fact that he was not alone in his commitment to satyagraha. One man who refuses to fight does not have much impact. But he managed to convince millions of people to commit to satyagraha with him. Were all these non violent resisters ‘mitbodedim’?Also the less famous non violent resisters that I know today in Israel seem to live rather ordinary lives in society along side their non violent activismI was doubly puzzled by your mention of Mandela in this context. Firstly since he was NOT a non violent resister. He and the ANC embarked on a bloody fight for rightsSecondly here too, I could not understand what you meant by ‘mitboded’(a (former)president with all the responsibilities of head of state surely finds little time alone?)But as he was a supporter of violence, I don’t think he is a very fitting example for your argument anyways.So finally in an attempt to reconect to Eyal’s post-I totally agree with him that bringing more weapons into the area will ultimatly lead to a deterioration in the current situation.

  • Kathy said:

Sometimes in Chrome when multiple tabs , not nesacserily that many, maybe 4 or 5, are open when I switch to the next tab the page just isn’t there(white screen), even if it loaded minutes ago, it seems to take Chrome a while to make sense of it and display it, the tabs are just blank white until the browser catches up and remembers what it’s doing.if it’s only a few seconds then that is acceptable but if it took say 45+ seconds then that i would consider a chrome 5 latest dev channel(Google Chrome 5.0.375.23) and two orkut videos in two new tabs and open 8 other orkut user’s profiletabs(total ten)and make sure all of them are loaded switch to the tab containing videoit displays white screen and slowly loads from top of screen takes 50 sec+otherwise “Aw snap” or “irresponsive tab and opens task manager"the main prob is u cant close the browser and restore all tabs at nextstart because there are lot of chrome.exe in task manager..even if u manageto close it makes my win xp sp3 to cry the same way as tat tab did for 5 to 10 min.