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A History of Progress, Violence and The Modern Spectacle

  • Jul 10 — Aug 16

Works that pair a digital sensibility with traditional practices to question our contemporary experience of veracity, culpability, and empathy.


  • Feb 20 — Feb 23

TRIPLE BILL is thematically the foundation for an inquisitive journey that investigates life through sequences of isolation, reliance, distorted language, war, gender, sexuality, and sacrifice.

Photo Credit: Cassandra Hanks

Space Landscape

  • May 29 — Jul 5

Space Landcape is a show of photography, sculpture and video  that will take you to the outer reaches of the universe using the most ordinary of materials.

Comments from the Blog

  • Cory said:

Sundays at the Art Museum were so Much Fun! It was our platform…Kathy was A true inspiration! Glad to see Thorn is involved with this after all these years ...The Transformation play was awesome…there is Video of it too…I wonder where it is…I’d love to see it again CHEERS! to Soomi Kim…Thanks for Keeping Her Message Alive… Shouts Out to Sprite, Eric, Thorn, Sparrow, Marina, Moth, Anita~ and all the Transformation Crew…Love and Light <3

  • Gerard LePhart said:

Wow. Those scenes sure are select. Are they really “fom” the pigeoning? And why? What a fascinating website.

  • sharon kalemkiarian said:

Thank you for the post.  We love Kay’s hands!

  • Roy Faudree said:

Looks beautiful, Shaun.  Does it happen again somewhere in March?  We’ll be in the City at the Performing Garage w/ No Theater’s CAVEMAN (Richard Maxwell’s play), but will have some nights off. 
-Roy (of Roy & Sheena)

  • Greg said:

Those who take up the Citizens United / Corporation boogie man should really educate themselves on the background of the case, its is undeniably a VICTORY for the Free Speech of everyone (individual or corporation). 

Briefly a group of Citizens filed a complaint on the basis of the (illegal) McCain Fiengold Act against the advertising of Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 911 close to an election.  They said it was tantamount to a political contribution.  They were denied (rightly so).  So taking a page from Moore’s playbook they made a high critical Hillary Clinton movie and started advertising that (or rather attempting to).  Well, a complaint was filed against them an accepted!  An obvious case of “Free Speech for Me but not Thee”. 

The Supreme Court rightly saw the slippery slope the country was headed down here and took appropriate action. 

And btw ...  is “” organized as ... gasp ... A corporation?