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  • Aug 20 — Oct 10

Dancers continue to inspire and motivate artists and vice versa; this perfect marriage between the two art forms allows viewers to experience the grace and beauty of it all.


  • Jun 26 — Jun 26

Warsaw 1909.  Regina, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, has been seduced by the socialist revolution and its local leader, Silberstein.  But she was not prepared for the consequences. And they are not pretty. 

Orna-Mental State

  • Jun 25 — Aug 15

Orna-Mental State is a body of work about defining what makes someone or something beautiful. This exhibition will question beauty standards associated with the female body.

Comments from the Blog

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  • Lilly said:

Your posting really stenighteard me out. Thanks!

  • Alfonso said:

We love getting out into the natrual light in the perfect outdoor setting as you can see in this maternity shoot! Check out the photos on our Photography by Jodi Lynn Facebook pagea0and our feature on The Poppy Cat blog!

  • Kartik said:

it’s been around foeevrr so i think it shouldn’t be a problem to get seats. if you buy them on the day of the show and they’re not available then there are plenty of other fine shows nay better shows that u could c.

  • Jocelyn said:

Very cool, we’ve been at this for about a year now and its had some ups and downs. We’d love to network with you some more to diuscss some ideas for the future. Be sure to find us on Facebook. Thanks!

  • Mohamed said:

My approach is simlpe- if you see it on my vids then i recommend it. If you see me using it then it is becuase I feel it is of quality. I dont want to have 500 BS vids. Anyone can say something bad over the internet. i would rather have 500 positive vids and let people take the hint on the brands and products that do not make the cut.If I get something bad for a review then I send it back or dont do the review. That is me. I try to take the high road.