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    Julia Levine

    For the past six weeks, we've been lucky enough to have Regine and Jesus from the Studio in a School program join us HERE as our Marketing and Production Interns. As the program comes to a close, our Marketing Intern Regine had a few words to say about their experience at HERE.


    An internship program called Studio in a School (also known as the Bloomberg Internship program) brought us two interns together that were here over the summer. Studio in a School is a rigorous 6-week program that includes work-readiness workshops, paid work experience, rich arts experiences at cultural institutions around the city, college application prep, writing assignments, and completion of a final project by each student.

    Being a marketing intern has opened my eyes to many things that I never thought I could do. For example, I developed a mailing list that would be sent out to other non profit organizations, learned Photoshop, and more. The thing that I will never forget is the kind of work environment that was shown to me at the HERE office. As well as working with my partner Jesus--even though we did not work in the same department, I now have a new friend. The main things I will take away from this internship are how to use Photoshop and connecting with people. I would be able to use these skills when I start my own practice for music therapy. I can now reach out to people and get them interested in my work. My favorite part about the internship would have to be working with my peers and getting different viewpoints on a piece of art.

    About working at HERE, our Production Intern Jesus said:
    This summer was an amazing experience. I was opened up to many different career choices that have to do with the arts. The one thing that I would take away from this internship is how to be a production manager and work in the technical theater field. Being a part of the Bloomberg internship was a great opportunity. It allowed me to get professional help with my writing and with looking for colleges. The best part was that out of all the other work sites, I was chosen to work at HERE as their Production Intern. One thing that I learned from my group is that no one sees things the way I do. Everyone is very unique, and that is what helps open others to see things their way, without changing their perspective on how they see art.

    Thanks Regine and Jesus for all your hard work! 


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