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    Announcing our 25th Anniversary Season!
    Our season is always a dynamic mix of HERE-produced works and curated productions by our trusted friends.

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    The incredible lineup this 2017-18 Season (our 25th!) includes:
    World Premiere by Artistic Director Kristin Marting
    • Three Resident Artist World Premieres
    • Exciting presentations from renowned Dream Music Puppetry Program - including a thrilling revival of one of HERE's greatest successes, Symphonie Fantastique
    • New work from SubletSeries@HERE producers
    • PROTOTYPE, our highly acclaimed annual opera-theatre festival, co-produced with Beth Morrison Projects, in its sixth season
    • CULTUREMART, our signature festival of inside looks at work in process from our Resident Artists

    Little Shadow Productions presents The Flatiron Hex
    by James Godwin and Tom Burnett: September 7 – 30, 2017

    The Flatiron Hex is a solo puppet performance creating the world of Wylie Walker, a contract shaman employed by NYORG, a swamp city in constant peril from natural, unnatural, and supernatural forces. Wylie uses his unusual talents to solve problems, maintain the city’s inter-web bio-technology, and keep storms at bay.

    Little Shadow Productions presents The Joshua Show: Episode 2
    by Joshua Holden: September 9 – 30, 2017

    Brooklyn-based, award-winning puppeteer, Joshua Holden, returns to HERE for the New York City premiere of a brand new show. Through live music, good old-fashion humor, and a genuine desire to spread goodwill, the Ambassador of Joy, alongside a cast of hand crafted puppet characters, will brighten even the darkest of days.

    Stairway to Stardom, a World Premiere HERE Resident Artist Production
    by Amanda Szeglowski/cakeface: September 12 – 23, 2017

    With crackling wit and startling honesty, the women of cakeface serve up a silver-sequined dissection of the American Dream. Synthesizing razor-sharp choreography and original text, live-mixed sound and visuals, and clips from the original 80s tv show, Stairway to Stardom honors the contributions of the wildly passionate but questionably talented.

    Mind the Art Entertainment presents Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg
    by Christian De Gré, Joseph Anderson & Serrana Gay: September 28 – October 28, 2017

    An award-winning immersive operetta by NY Innovative Theater Award Nominees De Gré, Anderson and Gay. A land where the whiskey is always flowing and people live in blissful peace. Welcome to Williamsburg, where it’s easier to drink and it’s dangerous to dream.

    Unitards presents Point Pleasant, The Legend of The Mothman
    by Daniel Patrick Fay and Andrew Livingston: October 2 – 22, 2017

    Welcome to Point Pleasant. A nice place to live. A small ordinary town of good, decent folk; where the extraordinary swoops in on dark wings and holds it in a gaze of glowing red eyes that usher in a year of terror and confusion. A strange and beautiful tale told through music and puppetry.

    Ontological Puppet Show: The Toy Becomes the Weapon, a Dream Music Puppetry Program Work-in-Progress Presentation
    by Kalan Sherrard / enormousface: October 25 – 29, 2017

    A seething experimental landscape of bizarre possibility, this anarchist nihilist philosophy puppet show has toured Europe and the Americas, from Oslo to Buenos Aires, from gutters to galleries, morphing slowly like the singing of a whale. Death stalks the garden and unmasked beings belch forth inverted offspring as God devours the sun.

    Thomas Paine in Violence, a World Premiere HERE Resident Artist Production
    by Paul Pinto: November 6 – 18, 2017

    Thomas Paine in Violence is an electronic psychedelic opera-sermon set in a radio station in the afterlife of the Founding Father and international activist. Joan La Barbara portrays Paine struggling to broadcast a message of economic justice amidst a whirlwind of lightning-quick singing, autotuned shock-jockery, gadgets, voices, instruments, and sonic chaos.

    Difficult Hour presents Billy and the Killers
    by Jim Shankman, Peter Stopschinski, and Craig George: Nov 7 – 19, 2017

    A play meets a rock band in this alt-rock musical about a pair of misfit lovers and a bloody crime of passion. When Billy’s girlfriend is brutally murdered, the police discover his dark, disturbing music and accuse him of the crime. What heals the artist can destroy the artless.

    Tree Pop, a Dream Music Puppetry Program World Premiere Presentation
    An Imaginative Pageant Amongst the Pines - An Ode to Friends That Leave and Objects That Speak

    by Lake Simons and John Dyer: November 30 – December 10, 2017
    A visual poem told through a variety of puppetry forms, dance, and music. Tree Pop evokes memories of old friend, meditates upon the life of objects, and explores how we play.

    Puppet Parlor, a Dream Music Puppetry Program Presentation
    A fiesty showcase of tidbits, characters, and shorts from pinnacles of the puppet community.

    Goode Productions presents Greencard Wedding
    by Jody Christopherson: November 29 – December 20, 2017

    Brooklyn 2012, where you can be whatever you want, until your visa expires, Greencard Wedding is inspired by a true, bittersweet love story of one band's artistic triumph via technology and music.

    Goode Productions presents AMP
    by Jody Christopherson: November 29 – December 20, 2017

    An electrical current. A modern Prometheus. An investigation of gender,​ ​Mary Shelley, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.​

    January 7–20, 2017

    PROTOTYPE returns for its sixth season with a stellar array of artists, including Mikael Karlsson, Elle Kunnos de Voss, & Kathryn Walat; Michael Gordon & Deborah Artman; Greg Spears & Greg Pierce; Nova Opera from Ukraine; Claron McFadden; Carla Kihlstedt; Contemporaneous Ensemble; and others—at HERE and our partner presenting venues—Baruch Performing Arts Center, Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, National Sawdust, and Roulette.

    Talking Band presents FUSIFORM GYRUS
    A Septet for Two Scientists and Five Horns
    by Ellen Maddow and Ellie Heyman: January 29 – February 25, 2018

    In Talking Band’s new music-theater work big ideas bump up against big sound. Five brassy horns and two eccentric scientists leapfrog from epiphany to epiphany. Featuring David Cale, Paul Zimet and five motley horn players (including Sam Kulik).

    Life Jacket Theatre Company presents America is Hard to See
    by Travis Russ and Priscilla Holbrook: January 30 – February 24, 2018

    Using a blend of interviews, archival research, religious hymns, and original music, this daring new play investigates the lives in and around Miracle Village, a rural community for sex offenders, buried deep in Florida's sugarcane fields.

    February 27 – March 11, 2018

    Our annual festival for the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP), where process becomes the focus. Beautifully produced, yet still in development, CULTUREMART provides a platform for our current Resident Artists to blur the boundaries between dance, theatre, puppetry, music, new media, and visual art, melding these forms to support their adventurous visions.

    NACL Theatre presents Shakespeare's Will
    by Vern Thiessen: March 14 – April 1, 2018

    Shakespeare's Will by Vern Thiessen makes a New York City premiere with NACL Theatre performer Tannis Kowalchuk in the featured role of Anne Hathaway, William Shakespeare's wife. Performed with physical prowess, dynamic theatricality and live music, NACL's production of Vern Thiessen's epic monologue delves into a complex female experience of 16th century life while drawing contemporary parallels to modern love, children, work, and loss.

    Symphonie Fantastique, a Dream Music Puppetry Production
    by Basil Twist: Performances begin March 29, 2018

    Twenty years ago in 1998, Basil Twist debuted his boundary-breaking response to Berlioz’s 1830 "Symphonie Fantastique" to universal acclaim, inaugurating HERE's intimate Dorothy B. Williams Theatre. In the two decades since Symphonie Fantastique's premiere, Basil Twist has become an internationally recognized artist in opera, ballet, and on Broadway, and has won countless awards including the illustrious MacArthur Fellowship. Twist will revisit his legendary masterpiece as part of HERE’s 25th Anniversary Season. In this revival, accompanied live by a virtuosic pianist playing the exquisite Liszt transcription, Symphonie floats and swirls in a 1,000-gallon water tank neatly disguised as a puppet stage. For the many who never saw it, and for those who relish seeing it again and again, the return of this tour de force to HERE is the event of the season.

    Assembled Identity, a World Premiere HERE Artistic Director Production
    by Kristin Marting, co-created with Purva Bedi and Mariana Newhard: April 24 – May 19, 2018

    Twin sisters discover they are clones and embark on an unexpected journey, confronting their own authenticity. Exploring ethnic ambiguity, race, genetics and eugenics, this electrifying duet uses original and found text, live cinematography, and contemporary music to explore the science of identity formation and who has the authority to define it.

    American Weather, a World Premiere HERE Resident Artist and Dream Music Puppetry Program Production
    by Chris Green: June 15 – 30, 2018

    Created by Chris Green with a multi-disciplinary ensemble, American Weather is an immersive work of projected animation, live music, and puppetry that re-frames our troubled American narrative as a rambling folk-epic wherein fear of the ‘other’, a lost shared reality, and other contemporary Americana are mythologized through song and performance. 


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