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    Rob Roth presented SOUNDSTAGE OVERTURE, a sampling of sound and movement from his developing work, SOUNDSTAGE, as part of the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP).

    In this work-in-progress showing, which Roth refers to as “A Meditation on the Muse”, he presented four original songs written by Yair Evnine, Amelia Zirin-Brown and Rob Roth as well as one of Roth’s signature ‘body projections’ and a fully choreographed costume metamorphosis. The pieces were performed by Amelia Zirin-Brown and choreographed by Vangeline. These were the first samplings emerging from this experimental work.

    Afterwards there was a cocktail reception hosted by Ana Matronic, Severely Mame and Macy Rodman and was attended by friends and family including John Cameron Mitchell, Romy Ashby, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector. The night was produced by HERE and Cassandra Simon.

    Click here to follow SOUNDSTAGE while it continues to evolve and transform as it nears full production.   


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