• About HEREart:

HEREart provides emerging and early career visual artists and curators access to space at an active, well-located multi-arts center. We feature 5-6 exhibitions each year that creatively work with our unique spaces and engage audiences with artwork specially curated to function within a busy environment. This focus on interactive space naturally leads HEREart to function as the center of our community of artists.

HEREart’s location as an entryway to our theatres ensures a diverse and eclectic audience will experience the art. HEREart embraces its alter ego as a lobby for HERE’s performance spaces and encourages our artists to react and respond to this with their exhibits. HERE is a very appropriate place for today’s active and interactive visual art: art
that often moves, makes noise, and physically engages the viewer. HEREart seeks to snag
these passers-by and engage them in a dialogue with the space in which we move. HEREart is invested in supporting artworks of all media and various content (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, media), but we concentrate on new work that in some way addresses the special conditions of our space.

Every exhibit at HERE is a site-specific installation that stretches our understanding of the words “art” and “performance,” creating a multi-layered experience for our patrons that sticks with them as they move from one space to the next.


How to apply

We are no longer accepting submissions for HEREart. Please contact for any questions on the program. 

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Upcoming HEREart shows

  • Aquarium of Equations #2 Ap 30 - Jun 20

    I wonder whether we can feel mathematics as synesthetic experiences through its abstract motions. Can this aesthetic evoke metaphysical understandings of art objects?

  • Orna-Mental Jun 25 - Aug 15

    Orna-Mental State is a body of work about defining what makes someone or something beautiful. This exhibition will question beauty standards associated with the female body.

  • An American Dream Oct 15 - Dec 19

    A multichannel video installation consisting of black and white scenes, is an auto-portrait documentation of the gaze that evolves around the artists’ effort to fit in the foreign culture they resettled in.