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    Spencer Lott

    Collage by Maiko Kikuchi

    Collage by Maiko Kikuchi

    Filling Our Lungs

    Our team is embarking on our new adventure focusing on creating a new work of puppet theater with the working title 9000 Paper Balloons. We have been inspired by the polarization of America through politics and media and we have been looking to our past for guidance. Our intention is to craft a series of original ghost stories focusing around Japanese - American relations in WWII. We are doing research and hope to conduct interviews with survivors of the Japanese Internment camps. We are also focusing on Fugo - a series of bombs that were launched from Japan suspended beneath handmade paper balloons. We have been collecting black and white photography from the era and recently we sat down to start the project with some visual collages. Maiko often works with the visual language leading the project and we were excited to experiment in this way. We'll be sharing a number of these collages in the near future. We found we started to narrow in on some themes and textures through this visual exercise - isolation, panic, surrealism and more. We are not limiting ourselves to this initial inspiration but we are optomistic these images will find their way into our work over the coming year.


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