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  • Huxley and Eugenics

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    “Human beings are not equal in respect of desirable qualities. Some are strong, others weak; some long-lived, others short-lived; some of high, others of low intelligence; some kind and good, others cruel and selfish. It is of the greatest importance to preserve human variety: all attempts at reducing it, whether by attempting to obtain greater 'purity' within a so-called race or group, or by attempting to exterminate any of the broad racial groups which give our species its major variety, are scientifically incorrect and opposed to long-run human progress.” – Eugenicist Julian Huxley


    Dr. Huxley was a prominent British evolutionary biologist and eugenicist. He was a major player in bringing biological science to the public, founded the transhumanism movement, and greatly contributed to the acceptance of natural selection. He was also a prominent member of the British Eugenics Society, serving as President from 1959-1962. 


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