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  • Photos from our work in progress at Nublu by Farbeon

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    Baba Israel

    We had a great work in progress showing at Nublue in the Lower East Side. It was our first chance to share the music from the show with an audience in our hometown of NYC. We got great feedback from theater folks, Hip Hop artists, activists, and members of the HERE staff and community. 

    Bill Weinberg, in his article for Cannabis Now magazine, wrote "Among the original songs developed by Israel and his collaborators are homages to Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, two legendary figures who made cannabis available to the ailing during the AIDS crisis in San Francisco in the 1990s — a period that really spawned the current worldwide push for legalization."

    These were our newest songs and really feel like a breakthrough in terms of what will ground the material and the journey of the show. In tackling a subject and book that spans generations and infinite stories, we will let the specific people, artists, activists, politicians, and cultural figures who drive the book's narrative be our focus. 

    Senior Producer at BRIC BJ Evans, shared "I was struck by the moments about the cannabis heroes during the AIDS crisis - Both of those songs and stories really affected me and have stuck with me. I was also moved by the torch song towards the end of the piece about oppression and how the white establishment is now profiting off of this plant that for so long has been criminalized and has been used to disproportionately put away black and brown men (and women). The entire piece was a ton of fun and the team’s virtuosity was impressive, but those three moments were particularly striking."

    This feedback affirmed our focus on the books central characters but also the characters we are creating like the mother of a veteran who sings our torch song. We are now working on how we move from character to character, story to story and song to song. 

    We will be sharing our next stage of development at Culturemart on March 18th and 19th. Stay tuned for more details. 



  • Cannabis! A theatrical concert (work in progress Aug 30th, 2018)

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    Baba Israel

    - Cannabis! A theatrical concert  (Work in Progress sharing on Aug 30th, 2018)


    I have been working with my band Soul Inscribed on the music for our production with HERE. We are excited to finally share the material we have cooked up so far with our NYC community!

    We invite you to come out and dance, listen, discuss, and enjoy a night of music, spoken word, and a dance party.

    Here is the flyer for our sharing and look forward to seeing you in the house!



  • Cannabis! A Theatrical Concert Prologue

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    Baba Israel

    Peace! Our next Work in Progress Performance  will happen on March 18,19th 2019. For more info and to get tickets