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Minor Theater wants to plunge headfirst into the misogyny at the heart of modern drama. Using a wild retranslation of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck as a point of entry, our adaptation starts from the perspective of Marie, Woyzeck’s enigmatic, highly sexualized victim, building new narratives around the fragments Büchner left behind. The point isn’t to simply reverse or correct the misogyny of the story, but to explore the ways women can appropriate the violence directed against them and redirect it into their own projects. Seizing on the way song permeates the original text, Julia Jarcho and Ben Williams will collaborate on an original music and sound composition to underscore this classic story of lust and murder—and to interrupt it.

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Minor Theater makes plays in a minor key. With dark humor and goofball precision, we lure you into the tunnels where we feed off pop culture’s sticky undergut. Our plays are written and directed by Julia Jarcho in collaboration with award-winning theater artists Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Jennifer Seastone, and Ben Williams. Shows include PATHETIC (developed at Baryshnikov Arts Center, fall 2018; premiere upcoming, Abrons Arts Center, June 2019); GRIMLY HANDSOME (2013 OBIE, Best New American Play), THE TERRIFYING (Abrons, 2017); NOMADS (dir. by Alice Reagan, Incubator 2014); DREAMLESS LAND (New York City Players/ Abrons, 2011); and American Treasure (13P, 2009). We tell the stories that don’t fit into the stories. We are champions of weird desire.


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"Lost Property Unit" on Governor's Island!

Thank you for joining us in Lush Valley!

We would like to thank everybody for coming out and seeing the show. It's been a great two weeks of performances, and every night had been a very unique and fun experience thanks to our diverse applicants who helped in...

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We are are extremely grateful for the generous support of the following people: Anonymous, Alexandra Beller, Jamie L. Bennett , Richard Brundage, Nicole Burman, David Cote, Rima Fand, Gia Forakis, Vanessa Gilbert, Sally & Fred Harris, Rachel Jendrzejewski, David Koren, Dominik Landowne, Ginny Louloudes, Donna Roseman, Lake Simons, Kathleen Turco-Lyon.