(HERE Artist Residency Program)

Looking at You Kristin Marting & Kamala Sankaram & Rob Handel

Show Description

Looking at You is an immersive techno-noir music-theater piece by Kamala Sankaram & Rob Handel confronting the issue of privacy in our digitized society. Our highly charged narrative, directed by Kristin Marting, is a story of love and espionage fusing Edward Snowden with Casablanca, driven by a dynamic score for three saxophones, piano, and electronics inspired by dance music, crime jazz, and operatic arias. Set inside a corporate headquarters and integrating data mined from the audience in real time, it lays bare urgent questions of our time.

Project Feed

Thank you for joining us in Lush Valley!

We would like to thank everybody for coming out and seeing the show. It's been a great two weeks of performances, and every night had been a very unique and fun experience thanks to our diverse applicants who helped in...

A Special Thank You

We are are extremely grateful for the generous support of the following people: Anonymous, Alexandra Beller, Jamie L. Bennett , Richard Brundage, Nicole Burman, David Cote, Rima Fand, Gia Forakis, Vanessa Gilbert, Sally & Fred Harris, Rachel Jendrzejewski, David Koren, Dominik Landowne, Ginny Louloudes, Donna Roseman, Lake Simons, Kathleen Turco-Lyon.

Beginning Tech!

We’ve been doing some immense refining over the course of this week. With some major improvements in the dances, in songs, and script we are now down to fine-tuning this huge instrument we’ve created, just in time to begin tech-ing!...

Lush Valley Rehearsal 08/22 – 08/26

This week has been very exciting for all of us - Suzi has returned to New York and joined us for rehearsal! Monday was a big catch up day for her and we talked through the entire show, all her...