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In Memory Ouroboros Co.

Daisy Payero (Blackwell) Amanda Peters, Daisy Payero, Adrian Silver, Robert Boston Robert Boston, Amanda Peters, Daisy Payero Adrian Silver (Vanzetti) Amanda Peters (Deon) Amanda Peters as Deon Ariana Nakamine as Bull Adrian Silver as Vanzetti and Greg Woo as George Sand Amanda Peters as Deon, Adrian Silver as Vanzetti, Greg Woo as George Sand, Robert Boston as Chopin, Daisy Payero as Puppeteer Daisy Payero as Puppeteer Greg Woo as George Sand Amanda Peters as Deon, Robert Boston as Chopin Amanda Peters as Deon, Greg Woo as George Sand

In Memory Trailer

About the show

Deon is a reclusive poet in a coma who encounters historical figures she’s always admired on a journey through her own memories as she attempts to wake herself up. While her step-brother and sister sit at her hospital bed wishing her dead, Deon explores her mind, with Frédéric Chopin, Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Russell Blackwell as her guides in an effort to find bravery and knowledge inside of herself. Ouroboros Co. utilizes experimental text, music, sound, visuals and movement to create an experience that stimulates the unconscious mind and investigate how our memories are created, stored and retrieved.


Produced by Ouroboros Co.

Written by Kimberly Pau

Directed by Eric Mercado

Art Direction by Rachel R. Blackwell

Original Music & Sound Design by Robert Boston

Assistant Directed by Daisy Payero

Featuring Robert Boston, Thomas Milsom, Ariana Nakamine, Daisy Payero,
Amanda Peters, Adrian Silver, Elizabeth Spano & Gregory Woo

Photography by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin



May 22-May 25

Wed-Sat | 7pm

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