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Comedy of Sorrows Ibrahim El- Husseini

About the show


Comedy of Sorrows is a new English translation of one of the first theatrical responses to the uprising in Egypt that ousted Mubarak. It follows a young university-educated Egyptian woman who, through a series of encounters with different members of society, comes to realize that she had been oblivious to the poverty and misery of her fellow Egyptians. The play presents a collective and unsentimental account of a nation’s awakening, through a unique combination of vivid poetry and colloquial dialogue. It celebrates the uprising of a people, while at the same time anticipating the uncertainty and tumult of a nation struggling to transition to democracy.


Performed by:

Featuring: Lily Balsen*, Raphael Eilenberg*, Adi Hanash*,
Bobbac Kashani, Paul Kelley*, Gordon Kupperstein*,
Celeste Muñiz*, Sara Oliva*, Laura Riveros, Najla Said*,
and Youness Tahiri
Produced by Hybrid Theatre Works

* Equity Approved Showcase

Directed by: Tracy Cameron Francis

Translated by: Rebekah Maggor
and Mohammed Albakry

Music by: Ryan Anthony Francis

Sound design: Julian Mesri

Set: Yin-Chiao Liao

Lights: Mike Megliola

Costumes: Heather Lanza
Movement Collaboration: Rebecca Martinez




August 21- 25 @ 7pm

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