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Leisure & Lust Sara Farrington & Marina McClure

photo credit: Rob Strong

About the show

Leisure & Lust 
workshop performances of
parts 1 & 3 of the play cycle Leisure, Labor, Lust
by Sara Farrington
directed by Marina McClure

Inspired by the worlds of Edith Wharton and Jacob Riis, Leisure, Labor, Lust is a three-part play cycle that explores the class system, sexual politics, decadence, and treatment of mental illness in 1907 New York. When performed in succession, all three parts present a truly American story that transcends time, reminding us that classism, racism, and sexism have always been woven into the fabric of American life and evolve as we do.

Leisure is a highly theatrical tragedy of manners and sexual restraint, revealing itself through experimental movement, psychological gesture, theatrical jump cuts and multiple character shifts. Unspeakably wealthy novelist Grace Hunter and her Irish immigrant maid Lucy together unravel a knot of three dramatic days in New York, 1907. As Grace’s husband, Harry—a closeted homosexual—loses his grip on his sanity, Grace embarks on a passionate love affair with Harry’s former lover, the mysterious Delancey Morris. Lucy portrays the men in Grace’s life, Harry and Delancey, in quick succession.

Lust, the third play in the cycle, pushes the boundaries of 1907 New York society even further and fits together with Leisure like a missing puzzle piece. Lust opens with Harry Hunter alone in his study, desperately recalling his history with his lover Delancey Morris. Harry replays their highs and lows aloud as his memory barrels across twenty years, from 1887 to 1897 to 1907. Exploring romantic taboos, Lust combines the elegance and affluence of Leisure, with the grit and filth of Labor, addressing unanswered questions from both plays.

Part of HERE's SubletSeries: Co-op 2015.


LEISURE is performed by Alexis McGuinness* and Megan Emery Gaffney*
LUST is performed by Keith Foster* and Christopher Tocco*

Set Designer: Mary Hamrick
Costume Designer: Alice Tavener
Lighting Designer: Shelly Rodriguez
Assistant Director: Callie Nestleroth
Stage Manager: Diane Chen

*member, AEA

Photo by Rob Strong



LEISURE: May 13-16 & 18-23 | 7pm

LUST: May 27-30 | 7pm

Running time for each show is 55 min

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