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Funeral Doom Spiritual

About the show

New York Premiere / Multi-Media Concert

Funeral Doom Spiritual: For Male Soprano, Piano, and Electronics is a song of mourning for what Antony Paul Farley calls “the motionless movement of death through slavery, segregation, and neo-segregation.” Drawing on themes of apocalypse, end times, and rapture found in Negro Spirituals, this new performance featuring M. Lamar and composed by Lamar and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix explores radical historical expressions and futuristic longings for destruction of the white supremacist world order. Taking place a century in the future, this new monodrama focuses on a protagonist forever “carrying carrying carrying” the coffins of the fallen and forever mourning. Evoking Negro Spirituals that call for the end times, what Lamar calls “Doom Spirituals,” this music-theatre work exhumes legacies of racial violence while longing for the forthcoming destruction of the white supremacy world. 

Funeral Doom Spiritual is a part of our fifth annual PROTOTYPE Festival, co-produced with Beth Morrison Projects. For more information on the artists, works and events in this year's festival please visit the PROTOTYPE website.


Composers: M. Lamar and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Librettists: M. Lamar and Tucker Culbertson

Voice and Piano: M. Lamar

Electronics: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Art Director: Sabin Michael Calvert

String Arrangements: The James Ilgenfritz Ensemble

Costume Designer: Erik Bergrin

Co-presented with National Sawdust

Photo credit M. Lamar 


Jan 13 & 14 @ 7PM & 10PM

At National Sawdust

Running time 60 mins

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