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Future is Feminine - New Voices in Romanian Theater Romanian Cultural Institute

About the show

Future is Feminine introduces American audiences to innovative Romanian women artists remixing Ibsen with two shows running in repertory: Me. A Dollhouse and Ibsen Incorporated. Take a look at the world through their eyes, 25 years after the fall of communism. Curated by theatre critic Cristina Modreanu, the event is presented by Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest Odeon Theater, Bucharest Comedy Theater, Romanian Association for Performing Arts, Ibsen Scholarships, and Drama League New York.

Ibsen Incorporated - The School Corporation
A rare example of devised theater on the Romanian stage, Ibsen Incorporated is, to quote director Catinca Drăgănescu, "a way to investigate the influence of the capitalist society on the fundamental inter-humane relationships and the way these relationships are reconfigurated today".
In this show satire becomes a great weapon for social critique. 

Me. A Dollhouse - Nora Remix
A lonely woman on the stage recalls. The sensorial world in which she lives is born out of vibrant, dynamic video projections, that tell a fascinating story. A soprano sings what she cannot say. The very personal performance in which Carmen Lidia Vidu is emotionally mixing Ibsen, noir film and live music is inspired by Nora from A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen and has a hypnotic, aggressive and poetic ambience.


Created by Carmen Lidia Vidu and Catinca Drăgănescu
Curated by Cristina Modreanu

Ibsen Incorporated - The School Corporation
Concept & Directing by Catinca Drăgănescu
Dramaturgy by Mihaela Michailov
Set Design by Bogdan Costea și Andrei Morariu
Choreography by Mihaela Culda
Assisting Directing by Daniel Buglea
Video by Andrei Morariu
Cast: Dana Voicu, Valentina Zaharia, Elena Popa, Silvana Negrutiu and Ana Turos

Me. A Dollhouse - Nora Remix

Screenplay and directing by Carmen Lidia Vidu
Set Design by Constantin Ciubotaru
Original music composed and recorded by Ovidiu Chihaia
Video by Cristina Baciu
Mask by Cristina Mihaela Radulescu
Choreography by Ioana Marchidan
Actress: Aura Călărașu
Singer: Cătălina Antal
Torvald's voice: Marius Stanescu

Photos by Adi Bulboaca & Vlad Bîrdu



November 15-20

Ibsen Incorporated
Tues-Wed @ 7pm

Running time 85 minutes

Me. A Dollhouse
Fri-Sat @ 7pm
Sun @ 2pm

Running time 60 minutes

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