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SANCTUARY Jonathan Cottle and Adam Salberg, in association with Less Than Rent Theatre

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January 20th, 2017 – SANCTUARY Presents
The Inaugural Ball

No plans for inauguration day? Can't make it to DC for the March? Don't hide under your bed, come to the SANCTUARY Inaugural Ball and join us in celebration of the values we refuse to let America turn its back on. January 20th at 8:30pm, featuring performances by: Molly Pope, Alison Fraser, Ikechukwu Ufomadu, Joel Kim Booster, Drew Brody, Tova Katz, Maybe Burke, Siren and more. Food, drinks, and radical love included with entry. 

SANCTUARY is a home for queer, feminist, POC, and other marginalized voices to respond through art and action to the incoming administration and the onslaught of attacks against progress, decency, and the safety of our community. We are creating SANCTUARY to bring together artists and individuals in a coordinated series of programming to process, grieve, organize, learn, and ultimately unite for a brighter future.

Featured Work:
Revolution by Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop
Current events, political tension, and pop culture are on a collision course in a not-too-distant and eerily familiar dystopian future. Revolution reveals fractioning communities grappling with war, media, and identity. In a series of powerful vignettes, we see cops, activists, clergy, and soldiers navigating the dynamics of oppression, revealing lives lost and abandoned on the road to freedom. 

Next Faggot Nation by The Fossick Collective
Next Faggot Nation holds a mirror up to the younger generation of gay men to bring a call to action; the fight to acquire knowledge of the past in order to make future change is not over.

The Red Play by Julián Mesri
John and Matilda Thomas are the perfect couple living in the perfect home in a perfect suburban utopia. When Matilda betrays John and their daughter Daisy by carrying on a shocking affair no one can quite understand, her family's response sets off a chain of strange and unexpected events a government official dispatched to the scene tries to make sense of. The once-idyllic street turns sinister as families turn on each other, neighbors come back from the grave like weeds in a well-tended flowerbed, and a long-lost daughter reappears to put together the pieces of a shattered home.

Pussy Sludge by Gracie Gardner
Dominique is menstruating crude oil. She lives in a swamp. She's in love with Courtney, but her mother prefers RJ. No one knows who knows what's best. Pussy Sludge is a tender exploration of questioning authority, suspending shame through intimacy, and very bad advice.

La Sirene by Jadele McPherson
La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar (“The Siren: Routes of Sugar”) probes Cuban revolutionary José Antonio Aponte's libro de pinturas, a book of paintings, of black heroes that served as a catalyst for an attempted rebellion against colonists, leading to the first conspiracy and abolition charge in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Through sound and movement, McPherson maps the connections between West Indian and Haitian migrations to Cuba to harvest sugarcane and repositions the Cuban ingenio (sugar mill) as a birthplace of freedom that extends beyond borders and waters.

Full Schedule:
Jan 20 @ 8:30pm: Inaugural Ball
Jan 21 @ 4pm & 8:30pm: Revolution
Jan 22 @ 8:30pm: Revolution

Jan 25 @ 8:30pm: Rubbertime // Radical
Jan 26 @ 8:30pm: RODHAM/SADE // In Theory
Jan 27 @ 8:30pm: Next Faggot Nation
Jan 28 @ 4pm: Black Girl Magic Show
Jan 28 @ 8:30pm: Next Faggot Nation
Jan 29 @ 8:30pm: Next Faggot Nation

Jan 31 @ 8:30pm: Not in this Room
Feb 1 @ 8:30pm: Room 4
Feb 2 @ 8:30pm: Campfire Requiem
Feb 3 @ 8:30pm: The Red Play
Feb 4 @ 4pm & 8:30pm: The Red Play
Feb 5 @ 8:30pm: The Red Play

Feb 7 @ 8:30pm: Crystal Clear
Feb 8 @ 8:30pm: Harmony
Feb 9 @ 8:30pm: Hips Hands Tongue // The Motherline Story Project
Feb 10 @ 5pm: SANCTUARY - In Conversation
Feb 10 @ 8:30pm: Pussy Sludge
Feb 11 @ 8:30pm: Pussy Sludge
Feb 12 @ 4pm & 8:30pm: Pussy Sludge

Feb 14 @ 8:30pm: Holding - A queer black love story, // Monopoly - a Landlord's Game // Faster than Bullets
Feb 15 @ 8:30pm: Mouth/Piece, // A History of Nasty Women
Feb 16 @ 8:30pm: What We Needed: Then and Now // Outside the World
Feb 17 @ 8:30pm: La Sirene
Feb 18 @ 8:30pm: La Sirene


Featuring works by: Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, Daaimah Mubashshir, Zavé Martohardjono, Gracie Gardner (with Less Than Rent), Julián Mesri, Scott F. Davis, Alexandra Farr and Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence, The Mother Line Story Project, SP Monahan, JD Stokely, Jadele McPherson, Epic Theatre Ensemble, Waterwell, nicHi Douglas, Megan Minturn, Rick Burkhardt, Cristin Gordon, Alex Randrup, Ran Xia, Sergio Castillo and others.

Producers: Jonathan Cottle and Adam Salberg
In association with Less Than Rent Theatre

Curation Team: Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Debra Morris, Jenna Grossano (LTR), Adam Salberg
Production Manager: Hillary Luong
Venue Designer: Jonathan Cottle

Image by Hunter Canning



Jan 20-Feb 18

Evening performances @ 8:30pm
Weekend matinees @ 4pm
(See full schedule below for details)

Running time 2 hours (average)

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