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Point Pleasant, The Legend of The Mothman The Unitards

About the show

On November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, West Virginia encountered; what they described as a large winged man with glowing red eyes. This would be the first of many sightings of the creature that would be dubbed the “Mothman” by local papers, and ushered in a year of terror for the small town. A year that would not only be marked by several sightings of the creature, but a rash of other strange occurrences of aerial phenomena, strange noises, prophetic visions, bizarre phone calls, disappearances, and the convergence of shadowy figures in black suits and hats on the community.

Based on the actual eyewitness accounts,  The Unitards weave a tale of fear, confusion, paranoia and sadness along with dark humor. A sensory experience of music, light, sound and puppetry. A theater experience much like the story itself; strange, disorienting and beautiful. Audiences are thrust into a black and white world, in a time long past, in a town you've never heard of where something extraordinary happened.

“A show that oozed of creative and experimental unfolding...An experience worthy of David Lynch cinema.” -Maria P. Heger, Lofot-Tidende  


Image by Sandra Gunderson

The development of Point Pleasant is supported by the Jim Henson Foundation as well as The Norway Visual Theater.



Oct 5 - 21

Tue-Sat @ 7pm (except 10/12)
Saturdays & Sundays @ 2pm

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