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Black Inscription Exhibit Lisa Carroll

About the show

A visual art exhibit to coincide with PROTOTYPE Festival's presentation of Black Inscription, in HERE's DOT Theatre from Jan 11-13 and 17-20.

Lisa Carroll is a visual artist who studied painting and drawing at Boston College and received an MFA in New Genre from Stanford in 1998. Her work is paper-based, utilizing sources such as book pages, tracing paper, junk mail and paper clay, ranging from intimate collages, drawings and paintings to larger scaled experiential installations. Her current work is an exploration of her intimate relationship to bodies of water in mountain wilderness. Through the action of intention and ritual, as she inhabits a wilderness place via walking, running, sitting and sleeping within it, she establishes her connection. She weaves herself into the place. It is a process of give and take, of reciprocity. Once her balance is attuned to the place she sits next to a river, lake or stream, in a short meditation until an image is fully formed in her mind. She “takes” only one image at a time, careful to maintain the balance and not be overcome by the seduction of consumption or over-production.

Back in the studio she engages with the images through making a series of pen and ink drawings. What emerges are non-representational marks, repeating and layered. It is her experience that the imagery is a kind of translated language that has been communicated to her via the natural world.


Image: Blue Abyss, Ink on paper, by Lisa Carroll



January 2-21

Gallery Hours: Tues - Fri, 2-7pm
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