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Chaos Theory IKantKoan Games

About the show

It's 2018 and your inner Chaos Agent wants out... Embrace it.

Chaos Theory is an immersive experience exploring the underlying chaos in our lives. A series of interactive games inspired by the science of chaos theory, Jurassic Park, TED talks, stand up comedy, and math seminars builds to “utter beautiful chaos” as the audience is guided by mathematical scientist, Dr. Genevieve Saoch, whose personal life continually interferes with her ability to be objective about her research as a Chaologist. Through a series of participatory experiments, audience members are invited to embrace their inner chaos agent as they embody facets of chaos theory including deterministic chaos, fractals, and self-organization.

“4 out of 4 stars. A highly interactive show that uses comedy and thoughtfully structured game-play for nudging audiences to explore their wishes and desires, push past boundaries, connect with everyone around them, and be open to anything.” - Best NYC Comedy

“Creane delivers a phenomenal performance, as the initially mousy doctor transforms into a crazed being, full of ecstatic and infectious joy… Wonderful to behold” - No Proscenium  


Producer: IKantKoan Games
Writer/Performer: Jessica Ellen Creane
Co-Directors: Joseph Ahmed & Amy Blumberg
Costumes and Props: Evelyn Langley

Chaos Theory was developed with support from Fresh Ground BRB Summer Residency, FringeArts Philadelphia, and FringeNYC.  
Image credit: Edward Mylechreest



Dec 18-20* @ 8:30pm

Running time: 75 min

*Talkback following the Dec 20 performance.

As part of SubletSeries@HERE: Co-Op

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