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CULTUREMART 2019: Songs of Sanctuary for the Black Madonna Imani Uzuri

About the show

Imani Uzuri's Songs of Sanctuary for the Black Madonna will be an immersive multi-movement choral and chamber orchestral theatrical work inspired by the iconography of The Black Madonna. These holy Marian icons depicted with dark skin are currently worshipped within the Catholic and Orthodox Marian pantheon, but can be traced back to pre-Christian pagan figures, most notably Isis suckling Horus. They are also embraced, celebrated and worshipped by Muslim, Hindu, Roma, African Diasporic, and other communities, in rituals and processions around the world. Her recent international research and sojourns to various altars, shrines, cathedrals and monasteries provide the theoretical framework for this new compositional work, and will bring to light songs, prayers, and images of these ancient Black Madonnas. In this March 2019 work-in-progress iteration, Uzuri will will explore themes and creative muses from her previous works that celebrate Black femininity as divine through the lens of sacredness and sexuality, and that are informing her current process as she creates this new epic. 


Created by Imani Uzuri
Stage Manager: Alex West
Audio Engineer: Jerrya Harris
Lighting Designer: Christina Tang

Image credit: Imani Uzuri (Black Madonna Daurade, Toulouse, France)



Mar 20-21

Wed-Thu @ 7pm

On a shared bill with 9000 Paper Balloons

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Approx Run Time: 20-30 min

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