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CULTUREMART 2012: Weights and Balances Bora Yoon


Weights and Balances is made possible with support from Harvestworks Digital Media & Art, The Hermitage Artist Center, the Ringling Museum of Art, the Sorel Organization for Women Composers, New York Foundation for the Arts, Asian American Arts Alliance, and the HERE Artist Residency Program.

Weights and Balances played from February 02-03 in the Mainstage Theatre as part of CULTUREMART 2012. View the post-show discussion with the artists here >>

About the show

Forces are at play-- a constellation of sound-makers, stories, and poetic observations trace common laws of physics, cause and effect, and the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world; illuminating how the world may be held together by invisible knots.
Weights and Balances is a one-woman narrative musical event, performed by composer and live art chanteuse Bora Yoon. Artist and programmer Luke DuBois designs custom instrument The Body Electric using infrared technology to control audiovisual elements, illuminating the micro-world of personal experience, shifting importance, and the dreaming body. 

On a shared bill with Christina Campanella & Peter Norrman's Parts Are Extra.



All Shows in Culturemart: $15

Thurs February 2 | 8:30pm 
+ Panel Discussion with the Composers

Fri February 3 | 8:30pm 

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