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  • Puppet Parlor 2018

    December 17 | tickets $25

    The Dream Music Puppetry Program’s feisty showcase of tidbits, characters, and shorts from the pinnacles of the puppet community is back! This year join us for a an evening of revelry with a one-night-only showcase curated by the Apple Boys.

  • ThisTree

    January 6 — January 12 | tickets $30-75

    ThisTree weaves autobiographical storytelling, 8 mm home movies, and Coloff’s signature blend of blues, rock and non-traditional cello playing and singing, supported by an all-female band, to investigate the vantage point of being the last branch on the family tree.

  • Ashes

    March 12 — March 17 | tickets $35-45

    Ashes is the collision of two stories a generation apart. In a small village in the south of Norway, we find is a young man who sets houses on fire, and a writer who seizes them as literary material several decades later.

  • Chimpanzee

    March 7 — March 17 | tickets $15-45

    An aging, isolated chimpanzee pieces together the fragments of her childhood in a human family. Bleak reality bleeds to vivid memory in this non-verbal puppet play. Inspired by true events.

  • Cocoon

    November 8 — December 22 | tickets Free

    “Cocoon” highlights the work of Erik Bergrin, whose intricately crafted sculptures conceal bodies and ideas allowed to metamorphose into higher states of being by wrapping them in a tight, wicker embrace.

  • Train With No Midnight

    January 5 — January 13 | tickets $30–75

    Singer and writer Joseph Keckler and an intimate musical ensemble lead the audience through a series of vignettes, each like a stop on a late-night train—from Paris to Hamburg, Michigan to Times Square and the symbolic space of The Crossroads, a place of danger and possibility. The text dances between comedy, commentary, and communion, while the score features smoky pop songs, propulsive invocations, and leaps into the operatic realm.

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