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Current HERE shows

  • Is Anybody There ?

    September 4 — October 25

    The work in this exhibition shares a sense of time suspended. Or, perhaps, of time simply not taking place.

  • HERE Membership!

    September 20 — November 30 | tickets $60

    Why not pledge your allegiance to your favorite OFF-OFF place to see art and save some cash while you’re at it? Our OFF-OFFten Club is an opportunity for you culture-lovers to get your fix!

  • The Scarlet Ibis

    January 8 — January 17

    Inspired by the 1960 short story by James Hurst, The Scarlet Ibis is a new American opera that explores the pain and wonder of childhood. The piece fuses singers, puppets, and nimble, multimedia stagecraft to evoke a primal, dreamlike landscape where two brothers struggle over the meaning of normal.

  • Work by John Mosher

    Principles of Invisibility

    October 30 — December 13

    Principles of Invisibility, is a two-person show that places art at the junctures between subjective experience and objective reality, between the metaphysical and the physical, and between fact and fiction.

  • Toxic Psalms

    January 8 — January 11

    World renowned for its unconventional choral storytelling with opera, drama, and movement, Carmina Slovenica brings Toxic Psalms, with gripping music performed by 34 young women that mirrors the unspeakable violences and victimizations across our world today.

  • Kansas City Choir Boy

    January 8 — January 15

    Kansas City Choir Boy is a theatricalized concept album about explosive young love tested by cruel fate. Epic and romantic, it is a love-story for the music-video age.

  • Aging Magician

    January 11 — January 13

    A new music-theatre work, Aging Magician is a composite of sonic and visual elements that paints an allegory on time, youth, and the peculiar magic of ordinary life, and, perhaps, the ordinary of a peculiar life.

  • Timur and the Dime Museum

    January 11

    The 2013 PROTOTYPE smash hit dark glam opera band Timur and the Dime Museum returns for a one-night-only presentation at Joe’s Pub. Playing songs from their Requiem for the planet, Collapse (in a preview for the NYC premiere coming up in fall 2015), originals and fan-favorite cover tunes, this will be a night not to be missed.

  • Winter’s Child

    January 13

    Set in a Southern gothic landscape, Winter’s Child is a world of rough earth, quiet prayer, and a mother’s fight to change her youngest daughter’s fate.

SubletSeries shows

  • This Lingering Life

    September 12 —
    October 4

    This Lingering Life follows the journeys of a woman with tragic hair, feudal warriors, a mother whose son was kidnapped, a blind beggar, dead lovers, a pathetic old man in love with a teenager, a boy whose father is an arrow, and other sentient beings as they seek answers to Life’s biggest questions.

  • The Powwow Highway

    October 10 —
    October 25

    Powwow Highway is a funny and heartfelt story about being there for each other and finding ones faith where you least expect it.

  • Over There

    October 15 —
    October 18

    “I found you. You’re here. And I was over there. But now I’m over here. I’m here. You’re my brother. I love you.” 

  • You Got Older

    October 29 —
    November 22

    Page 73 presents a brutally funny and tender world premiere about illness, cowboys, and how we cope when our lives fall apart, written by Clare Barron, directed by Obie award-winner Anne Kauffman.

  • Bohemian Lights

    November 7 —
    November 23

    Through a groundbreaking integration of film with live theatre, Bohemian Lights unravels a dark, whirlwind satire of political Spain and her starving artists. Adapted by Live Source from Ramón Valle-Inclán’s masterwork Luces de Bohemia.

  • A provincial girl loses the grandfather who raised and sheltered her. For the first time in her life, she is completely alone….. until, she falls under the spell of a luminous, mysterious stranger.