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Current HERE shows

  • Orna-Mental State

    June 25 — August 15

    Orna-Mental State is a body of work about defining what makes someone or something beautiful. This exhibition will question beauty standards associated with the female body.

  • FiveSixSevenEight

    August 20 — October 10 | tickets FREE

    Dancers continue to inspire and motivate artists and vice versa; this perfect marriage between the two art forms allows viewers to experience the grace and beauty of it all.

SubletSeries shows

  • What happens to us in a changing world when those in the center of the conversation are really on the periphery, and those in the minority suddenly find themselves at the center of the dialogue?

  • I'm Sober. Now What?!

    July 7 —
    July 8

    It’s hard to get sober. Even harder to STAY sober.  I’m Sober. Now What?! is a powerful dance piece with captivating original text. Sometimes hilarious. Sometimes tragic. Always beautiful.

  • The box wine and Kardashian GIFs flow freely in this lowbrow attempt to address highbrow subjects through the great unifying force of the American Theater: Booze.

  • My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase is a lens on legacy starring Mia Hamm, Charlotte Brontë, the father of binomial nomenclature, and someone you’ve never heard of.

  • Freight tells the story of an African American male who exists in five dimensions throughout American history: minstrel, cult leader, FBI informant, struggling actor, and out-of-work mortgage broker.

  • HamletGhosts

    August 3 —
    August 5

    Through a series of vignettes mixing Shakespeare with Lady Gaga and personal narratives, HamletGhosts exposes the guts of Hamlet without any of the plot. A sexy meditation on death with a clown!

  • The Beat Within

    August 12 —
    August 13

    The show has a trip-hop theme combining Hip-Hop, West African, Jazz and Contemporary dance styles to create a unique evening of dance.

  • Gunjou- invisible truth

    August 14 —
    August 15

    Juri Nishio is presenting a ritualistic solo performance wth “Gunjou -invisible truth.”
    East meets East, a stylized Zen with plenty of Afro Spice… Using Juri’s unique body language, rhythm and message from the spirits is conjured and conveyed.

  • #VOIDS

    August 17 —
    August 18

    #VOIDS explores the root of humans’ constant desire to fill an empty space within themselves.

  • Rope

    August 18 —
    August 24

    Inspired by the camp of Hollywood Film noir and the closeted gay experience, Rope is a work for four dancers that creates a correlation between homosexual innuendo and villainy.


    August 20 —
    August 22

    Lisa Fagan Dance Problems is on a new rampage that has resulted in the dance work entitled SHAMPOO. In it, two people play many people and try to blame their issues on some kind of alien invasion. SHAMPOO: you’ll like the way it makes you smell. 

  • The Gunfighter Meets His Match

    August 24 —
    August 26

    The Gunfighter Meets His Match, a contemporary western musical by Abby Payne and Glitter Kitty Productions, is a universal love story full of loss, hope, and fight for heart.

  • Trust and Warnings

    August 27 —
    August 30

    Trust and Warnings is a conversation sharing stories about love, deception and truth. Fusing movement with text & music, four dancers share their experiences in a show for anyone who has ever loved.

  • Midway Avenue & Atomic Orbital

    August 27 —
    August 30

    Philadelphia based choreographer/performer Nichole Canuso will join Brooklyn based dance artist Laura Peterson for an evening featuring their respective works, Midway Avenue and Atomic Orbital.