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Current HERE shows

  • FiveSixSevenEight

    August 20 — October 10 | tickets FREE

    Dancers continue to inspire and motivate artists and vice versa; this perfect marriage between the two art forms allows viewers to experience the grace and beauty of it all.


    September 9 — September 26 | tickets $20

    Love and betrayal are no strangers to Divine, the cross-dressing gay prostitute at the heart of Jean Genet’s novel, Our Lady of the Flowers. Her story of forsaken desire collides with the confessional video blog of a real-life gay porn star in GENET PORNO.

  • Chang(e)

    November 4 — November 22 | tickets $20

    Chang(e) is a live-staged biographical docudrama that slips between reality and fantasy, plunging viewers inside the mind of performance artist and activist Kathy Change.

SubletSeries shows

  • Tarot Show

    September 1 —
    September 6

    Tarot Show is a blend of fortune telling, physical theatre, chance operation, audience participation, multimedia and live music. A reading of seven tarot cards dictate the resulting performance.

  • How to Live on Earth

    September 13 —
    October 3

    How to Live on Earth is a play about space, bonds, creature comforts, and the vast expanses within us.
    Four individuals will be chosen for the mission of a lifetime. The only catch: they can’t come back.


    October 2 —
    October 25

    Through movement and music, Broken Box Mime Theater performs a set of fresh original narratives that explore what is above, what is below, and how we find ourselves in the here and now.

  • Professor Brenner

    November 1 —
    November 22

    “The art of living is in grasping at every opportunity that comes your way, not wasting time considering whether to take it, not changing your mind constantly, not being afraid to act…” David Pinski’s play examines the nature of love and the high price of indecision and fear upon a life deferred.

  • In a world created entirely of paper, in which women and water are metaphors for one another, this heartwarming new work, explores themes of conservation, regeneration, and at its heart, our eternal quest for happiness.