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    September 8 — November 5 | tickets FREE

    NATURE MORTE presents paintings, photography, mixed media and video that explore images of death and decay. Artists Ashley Whitt, Anita Gratzer, Josh Simmons and Robert Lucy present work both macabre and humorous that explore the complicated emotions surrounding this subject.

  • Mata Hari

    January 5 — January 14

    A woman’s tragic existence rife with passion and betrayal takes center stage in Mata Hari. The opera-theatre piece canvasses the legendary namesake femme fatale’s final days and tormented memories of the men responsible for her life and death.

  • anatomy theater

    January 7 — January 14

    Darkly humorous, anatomy theater follows the progression of an English murderess from her confession to execution, to denouncement, and finally to dissection, including an anatomy lesson for curious onlookers.

  • Breaking the Waves

    January 6 — January 9

    Breaking the Waves tells the story of a religious woman, Bess, who’s devoted to her husband Jan, an oil rig worker. When Jan becomes paralyzed, Bess’s vows are challenged resulting in an act of divine grace.

  • Funeral Doom Spiritual

    January 13 — January 14

    Drawing on themes of apocalypse, end times, and rapture found in Negro Spirituals, this new music-theatre work exhumes legacies of racial violence while longing for the forthcoming destruction of the white supremacy world.

  • Silent Voices

    January 14 — January 15

    A multi-media stage work by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus celebrating the power of youth to inspire change and give voice to the marginalized and silenced. With commissioned music by Sahba Aminikia, Jeff Beal, Mary Kouyoumdjian, Toshi Reagon, and DJ Spooky.

  • Means of Attachment

    November 10 — December 29 | tickets FREE

    Part of the HEREart Program. The works in Means of Attachment follow dreamers in uneasy landscapes; and explore their attachment to, and detachment from, the world.

  • Puppet Parlor

    December 21 | tickets $20

SubletSeries shows

  • The Dudleys!

    October 8 —
    October 29

    Family memories are brought to life as a malfunctioning 8-bit video game. Featuring original chiptune music & video animation, The Dudleys is a story of family, regret, & the games we play to get by.

  • UrbanTopaz

    Lost Voices

    October 28 —
    November 13

    LOST VOICES is a combination of two gripping original short plays that center around Hurricane Katrina’s effect on two vibrant but marginalized communities in southern Louisiana.

  • Among the Dead

    November 6 —
    November 26

    Three wars of three eras folded into one hotel room, Among the Dead is a dark comedy about a family broken apart by betrayed promises, and finding each other through spam, journals, and Jesus.

  • Future is Feminine introduces American audiences to innovative Romanian women artists remixing Ibsen with two shows running in repertory and presented by Romanian Cultural Institute.

  • The Winter's Tale

    December 2 —
    December 17

    It’s an old story. The jealousy and fear of one man destroys a kingdom. A generation later- the world is still waiting to heal. This new production explores how to restore a broken cycle.

  • Collaboration: Warhol & Basquiat

    December 2 —
    December 22

    Two of the twentieth century’s Greatest Artists navigate the perilous terrain of Art and Fame as they partake in a historic art-world Collaboration.