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Current HERE shows

  • Unwritten Stories

    January 19 — March 11 | tickets FREE

    UNWRITTEN STORIES is an exhibition by three artists (Chinese-Ecuadorian, Japanese and French) brought together by their exploration of narrative. 

  • Chiflón, El Silencio Del Carbón

    February 23 — February 25 | tickets $25

    Chiflón, El Silencio del Carbón reflects a creative process of two years, during which the marionettes were also hand constructed. By not using text or dialogue the company connects with a broad public, with no cultural, social or age limit.

  • CasablancaBox

    April 5 — April 29 | tickets $25

    CasablancaBox is an exploration into the accidental nature of great art through the lens of the classic Casablanca.

  • MOXIE!: HERE's 2017 Gala

    May 1

    It takes pluck, tenacity and a thirst to prove your mettle everyday in the arts world. At HERE we say – sign us up! We’re celebrating MOXIE with a sassy feast, an audacious auction and one shameless party at HERE’s Gala. Bring your chutzpah and let loose with us!

SubletSeries shows

  • Jack of Hearts, Master of None

    January 19 —
    February 4

    A new operetta - seen through the lens of the seven deadly sins - about a gambler’s obsession with perfection and the women who shaped his life.


    January 20 —
    February 18

    SANCTUARY is a home for queer, feminist, POC, and other marginalized voices to respond through art and action to the incoming administration and the onslaught of attacks against progress, decency, and the safety of our community.


    February 9 —
    February 19

    How do we define consent? Why are these definitions blurred in our culture and in our laws? BLURRED LINES examines the normalization of rape culture and draws attention to how girls navigate in a world where 1 In 5 college women are raped.

  • Source material and historical materializations collide in this theatrical conjuring of the most canonical play in the English language.

  • The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

    May 10 —
    May 28

    A marriage farce in which four actors play over thirty characters. Identities are merged and submerged. Written in a style that echoes Stein’s work, this is a comic fantasy with serious intent.