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Current HERE shows

  • An American Dream

    October 15 — December 19 | tickets FREE

    An American Dream, a multichannel video installation consisting of black and white scenes, is an auto-portrait documentation of the gaze that evolves around theartists’ effort to fit in the foreign culture they resettled in.

  • The Puppet Parlor: Holidays on Ice

    December 19 | tickets $20

    HERE’s Dream Music Puppetry Program presents THE PUPPET PARLOR: Holidays on Ice with your host Basil Twist, featuring performances by Basil Twist and many others.

  • This Story Has No End

    October 29 — January 16 | tickets FREE

    Katherine Toukhy presents hand drawn and painted collages that reference traditional crafts of painting and sewing; media images of militarism; ancient Egyptian art; and figurative drawings.

  • Angel's Bone

    January 10 — January 17 | tickets $25

    Angel’s Bone is a world premiere work of opera-theatre that follows the plight of two angels mysteriously come to Earth who are found, sheltered, manipulated, and imprisoned by a pair of mortals bent on worldly prosperity at all costs.

  • Dog Days

    January 9 — January 11 | tickets $25, $40, $45, $75

    Dog Days is a work of contemporary music-theatre that incorporates elements of opera, musical theatre, and rock-infused-concert music to investigate the psychology of a working class American family pitted against a not-so-distant-future wartime scenario.

  • The Good Swimmer

    January 7 — January 17 | tickets $25

    The Good Swimmer is a new music-theatre piece, updating Antigone to the early days of the Vietnam War and centering on a family of lifeguards. It is constructed primarily from how-to texts, in particular, a Lifesaving Manual.

  • The Last Hotel

    January 8 — January 17 | tickets $50, $60, $70

    A man silently mops the floor with a bucket full of bloody water, preparing a room that is not yet ready for its next guest. A woman meets a man and his wife in the parking lot. All three are nervous. Tonight there will be a death.

  • Sága

    January 9 — January 10 | tickets $25

    In Sága, which stands midway between a modern opera and a song cycle told through the prism of an indie band and Baroque music ensemble alliance, Dez Mona tells stories about the soul, and goes in search of their love for the land, a home, and the world in which they live.

  • Bombay Rickey

    January 8 — January 16 | tickets $25

    Bombay Rickey is a five-piece Brooklyn-based band with a unique sound evocative of 1960s movie soundscapes. The group plays both covers and original music that borrow equally from the worlds of surf rock, cumbia, spaghetti-Western, and Bollywood, balanced out with a “little” coloratura soprano.

  • La Reina

    January 17 | tickets $25

    La Reina is an electro-acoustic opera with text in Spanish and English that draws its narrative from the Mexico-U.S. drug trade and is inspired by some of the most vivid real-life players in this increasingly violent war.

SubletSeries shows

  • In a world created entirely of paper, in which women and water are metaphors for one another, this heartwarming new work, explores themes of conservation, regeneration, and at its heart, our eternal quest for happiness.

  • The Tower

    December 4 —
    December 19

    A psychedelic journey into the history and mythology of the infamous Donner Party. Historical narrative collides with hallucinatory imagery to create a vision of adolescent America: frostbitten, bloodstained, ravenous.

  • O, Earth

    January 23 —
    February 20

    O, Earth floods the stage with a panorama of characters from gay popular culture, theatre history, and radical NYC. Inspired by Our Town, Casey Llewellyn’s epic play imagines the boundless possibilities within everyone, every day.