PROGRAMS: Dream Music Puppetry

One of few programs in the country to grow and commission contemporary, adult puppet works, Dream Music provides performance opportunities to puppet artists, and encourages multidisciplinary collaboration to develop new puppetry techniques. This program was inaugurated with the premiere of Basil Twist’s OBIE-award winning Symphonie Fantastique in 1998. Under the artistic direction of Twist, and produced by HERE co-founder Barbara Busackino, the Dream Music aesthetic is geared toward puppet works that feature live music as a collaborative element.

Puppetry is the original multi-disciplinary art form therefore Dream Music artists if they so choose, have a place in the HARP program to develop their work alongside artists of other disciplines. Dream Music curates regular Puppetry Parlors to showcase excerpts from developing works both from within Dream Music and the puppetry community at large. Each year, Dream Music commissions new full-length puppet works; develops new puppet works by emerging puppet artists through Puppetry Parlors and at CULTUREMART; provides educational outreach through its partnership commissions for the legendary Village Halloween Parade; and offers national and international touring/presenting opportunities. Recent touring commissions include Lake Simon’s What’s Inside the Egg?, Kevin Augustine’s Animal, Erin Orr’s Savage Nursery, and Erik Sanko’s The Fortune Teller.

The program is principally centered around the intimate Dorothy B. Williams Theatre, specifically configured for puppet works. Puppetry is a unique artform which takes many roots, and so our methods for crafting the progam change with each artist who passes through our doors.

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How to apply

Please send proposals to Artistic Director, Basil Twist at

Featured Dream Music Video

5 for 5 feedback on our most recent Dream Music Puppetry show, The Pigeoning.

Past Dream Music shows

  • The Puppet Parlor: Holidays on Ice

    HERE’s Dream Music Puppetry Program presents THE PUPPET PARLOR: Holidays on Ice with your host Basil Twist, featuring performances by Basil Twist and many others.

  • Teatro Hugo & Ines: Short Stories

    Short Stories is a picturesque parade of colorful characters, in the brief moments of its existence on the scene, that try to catch those little poetic moments hidden in everyday life.

  • Send for the Million Men

    The “crime of the century” of the 1920’s jolts to life in modern day New York City in Joseph Silovsky’s micro-history multimedia tale, Send for the Million Men.

  • The House

    The House held the secret of the Warehouse Family funeral home for many years, but when the Undertaker on her deathbed admits to the mistakes of her past, the secrets start to unravel.