This Season

MAY 9-AUG 10
In Glisten, Sparkle, Shine, queerness is on full display – celebrated for its beauty and the power that comes from being truly authentic to oneself.  The artworks while colorful and seductive in their materiality hold deep challenges to the status quo and highlights the complexity of queer bodies and expression.
A Dream Music Puppetry Program Co-Presentation
July 10-28 | Tickets $10-$50 Tickets
Bill’s 44th is a full-length wordless puppet show for grown-ups created by Dorothy James & Andy Manjuck. The streamers are hung, the punch has been poured, and the cake is just begging to be eaten! Our anxious host Bill has planned his party to the last detail—now all that remains is for his guests to arrive. Desperate to fill his apartment with camaraderie and celebration, Bill’s imagination runs wild. Many styles of puppetry, raucous balloons, and a cheeky piece of crudité all collide to examine the pitfalls of impatience, the wonder of loneliness, and the universal passage of time.
SubletSeries: Co-Op
JUL 24-27 | Tickets $25-$50 Tickets
Four voices are trapped in a room: they sing songs and tell stories; at least one miracle occurs. A play with music about immurement.
SubletSeries: Co-Op
JUL 31- AUG 3 | Tickets $25-$50 Tickets
Join rogue wave for an evening of science-informed, highly physical, contemporary dance.
SubletSeries: Co-Op
JUL 31-AUG 3 | Tickets $25-$50 Tickets
Two cantankerous lovers meet at a landmark LES punk bar– The Misanthrope is about the desire for and pain of cultivating intimacy with another person when you can’t live with the body you’re in.
SubletSeries: Co-Op
AUG 7-10 | Tickets $25-$50 Tickets
Myrrha, a grad student in the classics, grapples with the fifty sexual assaults in Ovid's Metamorphoses. When her professor dismisses her, Myrrha is overcome by a larger force and pushes him—triggering a magical and terrifying transformation that shatters them both. Tour-de-force actor Sarah Baskin plays Myrrha, her professor, and everyone in between in a show that is one part Ovid and one part Freaky Friday.
SubletSeries: Co-Op
AUG 15 & 16, 18 | Tickets $25 Tickets
Cursed is a brand new jazz play written by Italian playwright Argia Coppola, based on the novel Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, starring Annie Hägg and her band, The High Kicks. In Cursed, Annie portrays the triptych of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, her alter ego Norma Jeane Baker and her mother Gladys. The story also explores her absent father and the men in Monroe's life through music and text. Cursed is a bold, breathless, tragic and timely play for an actress and a four-man jazz band, in which music becomes a character in and of itself. It’s a unique, fast-paced piece that depicts the life of the Blond Actress as never seen before.
SEPT 11-29 | Tickets $55-$150 Tickets
A multi-sensorial live performance: part-ritual, part-celebration, part-installation, and part-dinner by critically acclaimed multidisciplinary artist duo Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya. Commissioned by HERE and co-produced with LEIMAY, A Meal explores our deep connection with food—where it comes from, what we eat, and who we share it with.
URHERE is a new one-of-a-kind, rigorously curated virtual platform for outdoor and digital premieres. URHERE aims to occupy an important part of the art ecosystem which nurtures experimentation, sparks dialogue, and creates engagement with the local community.
#stillHERE Online
Premiered Aug 21, 2020 & Ongoing | Tickets FREE
VICHITRA is an experiment in queer South Asian imagination. HERE is excited to present Episode 2: Englandbashi, a contemporary ghost story about taking reincarnation (too?) seriously.
Photo by Michael Stewart
#stillHERE IRL
Launched January 29, 2021 & Ongoing | Tickets Free Tickets
Created by Joseph White and HARP Artist Gelsey Bell, the composers that brought you Cairns (included on the New York Time’s Best Theater of 2020 list), Meander encourages listeners to watch, listen, and reset their clocks to pastoral temporality, inviting them to sink into the complex patterns and fine details of the natural environment.