HARP & Dream Music Puppetry

9000 Paper Balloons

Nov 4 - Dec 31 (Extended through Jan 31!)

Inspired by the stranger-than-fiction secret weapons that floated over America during World War II, 9000 Paper Balloons is a poetic and eerie performance that examines distance – the distance between two friends, between two enemies, two cultures and two generations. Japanese artist Maiko Kikuchi and American puppeteer Spencer Lott blend puppetry, animation and mask as they weave their own family histories into a surreal and visually stunning collage that speaks to the past and the future.




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This is a filmed performance, available on demand starting Nov 4 through Dec 31.


Note: Purchasing a ticket grants you access to a private link to view the show on demand (as many times as you would like) until December 31, 2021. The date and show times in the ticket selection reflect how long the show will be available online, and are NOT the only times you can watch the show. 

For the best viewing experience, we recommend watching on a large screen in a dark room with headphones. To avoid any lag or interruptions, close out all other programs and apps when viewing on a browser. Enjoy!





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Spencer Lott

Maiko Kikuchi