A Dream Music Puppetry Program Co-Presentation

Bill’s 44th

July 10-28
Bill’s 44th is a full-length wordless puppet show for grown-ups created by Dorothy James & Andy Manjuck.

The streamers are hung, the punch has been poured, and the cake is just begging to be eaten! Our anxious host Bill has planned his party to the last detail—now all that remains is for his guests to arrive. Desperate to fill his apartment with camaraderie and celebration, Bill’s imagination runs wild. Many styles of puppetry, raucous balloons, and a cheeky piece of crudité all collide to examine the pitfalls of impatience, the wonder of loneliness, and the universal passage of time.

Created by Dorothy James & Andy Manjuck

Puppeteers: Andy Manjuck, Dorothy James, & Jon Riddleberger

Creative Collaborator: Jon Riddleberger

Composer: Eamon Fogarty

Puppet Design: Dorothy James

Sound Design: Andy Manjuck

Lighting Design: M. Jordan Wiggins

Dramaturg: Helena Pennington

Additional Set/Prop Construction By: Peter Russo, Joseph Silovsky, & Taryn Uhe

Production Coordinator: Taryn Uhe

Bill’s 44th was named a New York Times “Critic’s Pick” and is the recipient of a Citation of Excellence from UNIMA-USA.

“Delightfully unexpected”

“Buoyant, mesmerizing, joy-inducing”

“This isn’t the birthday that Bill had hoped to have. But for the audience, his 44th is a gift”

– New York Times, Critic’s Pick

“Sweetly hilarious with flashes of bizzare originality”

– The Reviews Hub – London ★★★★★

“A celebration of life, memory, and the passage of time, brilliantly executed and truly unforgettable”

– One4Review ★★★★★

“The most thought-through and tightly-choreographed rendering of a fever dream you will ever see, Bill’s 44th is in a class all of its own.”

– The Prickle

“A surreal tragicomedy that is expertly executed, enormously funny and at times delightfully unsettling.”

– Everything Theatre UK ★★★★

Updated: March 8, 2023

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HERE reserves the right to revise protocols as the rate of transmission changes and in light of new scientific data that may present itself.

July 10-28


Approx. 55 minutes

We understand the extreme challenges that our current financial climate presents. No matter your socioeconomic status, we want everyone to have access to groundbreaking art. There are ten tickets priced at $10 available for each performance on a first-come, first-served basis, for those in need of financial assistance. These tickets are available with the code ACCESS. Limit two tickets per patron. Subject to availability.

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