Glisten, Sparkle, Shine


In Glisten, Sparkle, Shine, queerness is on full display – celebrated for its beauty and the power that comes from being truly authentic to oneself.  The artworks while colorful and seductive in their materiality hold deep challenges to the status quo and highlights the complexity of queer bodies and expression.

Greg Corbino’s work follows the tradition of the circus, carnival and carousel, bringing out its deep queerness.  From clay mold to papier-mâché and plaster cast, each sculpture is hand crafted with deep care celebrating gay archetypes. Campy, exuberant, and fierce, the Queer Carousel is an antidote to the military history of the carousel, and spins a narrative of queer community and resilience.

Judy Giera’s work elevates transgender joy while examining the transmisogyny and psychological stakes that define surviving as a transgender woman in America today.  Moving broadly across painting, video and performance with a sense of humor and weirdness, her practice prioritizes and elevates her non-cisgender experience of womanhood.

Curator: Dan Halm

Photo credit: Judy Giera, le grand coup d’œil spectacle (or rather, that’s kinda french-ish for ‘the big peep show’, honey), 2024