Photo from HERE RAW 2020: Priestess of Twerk. Photo by Paula Court.
Photo from HERE RAW 2020: Priestess of Twerk. Photo by Paula Court.

Staging Decadence

September 9

Do we live in a decadent society? Who is entitled to its opulence and pleasures, and how might it be reclaimed?

Staging Decadence is a twenty-first-century salon curated by HERE and the UK-based Staging Decadence project. Expect a varied night of performance and talks including Nia Witherspoon’s Priestess of Twerk: Time Warp 332BC (A Concert Experiment), inspired by sacred sex workers and ‘the “bad bitches” of hip-hop’, and Normandy Sherwood’s Psychic Self Defense, which riffs on endings and the decadence of theatrical objects. Hosted by the inimitable Murray Hill, Nia and Normandy will also be joined by Professors Annette Saddik* and Richard Kaye, who will be offering talks on decadence in the Weimar Republic and the martyrdom of St. Sebastian.

For more on Staging Decadence, visit their website.

*Due to mitigating circumstances, the Staging Decadence project lead, Adam Alston, will be speaking to the event’s core themes in Annette Saddik’s absence.

Thursday, September 9 at 6pm

This performance is limited to vaccinated patrons. All those attending this performance will be required to show proof of vaccination and be masked inside the building. Masking is required of all staff and audiences while inside the building. HERE’s Comprehensive Site Safety and Reopening Plan can be found at The designated HERE Site Safety Monitor will be present at every performance and will be responsible for enforcing compliance with this Safety Plan.

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Nia O. Witherspoon

Normandy Sherwood