The American Truth and Reconciliation Commission

March 23, 2PM EST

The American Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a radically interactive play exploring America’s history with the enslavement of Africans and the resulting contemporary issues of racism. It is commissioned by URHERE in association with CultureHub, it was originally commissioned by The Perelman Arts Center,  and supported by Rockefeller Multi Arts Grant (MAPFUND),  The Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab, and Still Point Foundation. This play places The American Experiment itself on trial. This version of the work will be livestreamed online via URHERE’s digital platform and will be presided over by an entity, an A.I. which the audience will create live, in real time.

The live stream event will be on URHERE on March 23 at 2pm EST. Tickets are $10.00

The American Truth and Reconciliation Commission is premiering on URHERE, a one-of-a-kind, rigorously curated virtual platform for outdoor and digital premieres. URHERE aims to occupy an important part of the art ecosystem which nurtures experimentation, sparks dialogue, and creates engagement with the local community.

Funding for URHERE has been provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of the Digital Accelerator for Arts and Culture funding initiative. With their support, and with guidance from Lapine Group, HERE has partnered with design firm Imaginary Places (developers of Decameron Row and PROTOTYPE’s 2021 Modulation) to create the platform concept and design.

Streaming live on URHERE on March 23 at 2pm EST

To purchase tickets, you will need a URHERE account. If you don’t already have one, please sign-up and check your email for account confirmation (check spam if you don’t see it in your inbox). Once confirmed, you will have to return to the show page at https://urhere.art/premieres/tatarc to continue your purchase.

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