#stillHERE IRL

Beast Visit

Aug 20-22 & Aug 25-27 (Rain dates: Aug 28 & 30)

A sunset encounter with some lonesome creatures currently living in Rubulad’s sculpture garden in Bushwick. This intimate outdoor experience by The Drunkard’s Wife incorporates extravagant costumes, song, and modular electronics.

Aug 20-22, Thu-Sat
Aug 25-27, Tue-Thu – Aug 25 & 27 performances were canceled due to rain. Performances have been rescheduled for Aug 28 & 30.

Reservations are limited and strictly required for this free event. The exact address will be given to registered guests only.

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The Drunkard’s Wife is a theater company led by Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanagin that creates theatrical and musical spectacles in New York City. Our mission is to create and produce experimental musical plays and site-specific theatrical environments with a generous, maximalist design sense. Our plays are darkly comic, language-drunk, full of reverence for the hand-made and therefore wholeheartedly feminist and anticapitalist. We are drawn to represent festivals and celebrations in our work, as well as complex moments of moral and emotional ambiguity. As such, our theatrical style combines our impulses towards camp, the carnivalesque, and the maximal with an appetite for subtlety, complex argument and tenderness. We make music that draws from folk mountain music traditions and no-wave dissonance, and that incorporates complex time signatures and improvisation.

Normandy Sherwood