Photo by Richard Termine
Photo by Richard Termine

KOSMOS INVERS: The Morphology of XOS

Mar 5-14

KOSMOS INVERS: The Morphology of XOS is a Psycho-Ecological Cosmogony, A Utopic Vision of Hell, the Fever-Dream of Apocalyptic Composting in a Mutating Bubble of Otherness.

As the Earth crumbles around us and we continue to kill everything in our path, it is time we face the paradoxic integration of evils within ourselves: sterility and garbage, meaninglessness, sexuality as the sin of origin, the contradictory drives of human things. Baroque, Organic, Non-narrative, Pessimist. A feast for the Ego(/Eco-echo), the Nostrils, and the Literary Mind. The work Does Not Tell the story of two planets, a green Edenic paradise and its changeling Demonic counterpoint, who flip back and forth into one another as microbial herds and demonic norns float through its collapsing misty noospshere.

Kalan Sherrard…a street, subway and alt puppeteer-performance artist with a cult international following (also known as Enormous Face)…presents a new solo piece with a powerful environmental message. Combining his stunning artworld level esthetics and sensibility with his deeply committed performance and personal philosophies, Kalan gives us KOSMOS INVERS: The Morphology of XOS. It is the story of two planets, a green Edenic paradise and its changeling Demonic counterpoint, who flip back and forth into one another. Kalan uses his hands, his feet, and his teeth to animate his fascinatingly crafted universe and invite us into it. The Dorothy B Williams theater and its uniquely intimate artist/audience relationship designed for puppetry is the ultimate venue for this artist and his installation.

“Having first seen Kalan perform on a NYC subway platform, then years later seeing his Kosmos Invers wow audiences as a true highlight of the 20th International puppetry festival in France, I am proud of this artist’s trajectory and growth and I am delighted that Dream Music has been a key part of that.” – Basil Twist

Mar 5-14, 2020
Wed-Sat @ 7pm
Fri, Mar 6 @ 10pm
Sat, Mar 7 & Sun, Mar 8 @ 2pm

Run time: 50 min

Appropriate for people ages 13+

$25 General Admission
$45 Premium Reserved
$50 Pay It Forward*

$40 Puppet Package when you pair with Anywhere. Purchase here.

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KOSMOS INVERS: The Morphology of XOS is made possible through the generous support of the Jim Henson Foundation, with additional support provided by the Jane Henson Foundation, and Cheryl Henson.