Dream Music Puppetry

Puppetopia: Deeper Closer Warmer

MAR 10-19

A new theatrical collaboration between puppeteers Poncili Creación and experimental musicians The Daxophone Consort, Deeper Closer Warmer is an ancient surgery that examines the crevices of flesh and consciousness. The operating theater is prepared for an autopsia performed with instruments of bowed wood, foam, and circuitry. Large-scale transforming foam puppets, with the shrieks, whistles, and melodic coos of an electronic orchestra, reveal a world inside the organism where empires of bacteria will fall and new organic machines will be created.

Poncili Creación is a performance duo based in Puerto Rico that creates foam rubber sculptures brought to life through manipulation by human bodies. These sculptures, as small as a coin or as large as a car, are tools for creating whimsical power that stains reality. In the duo’s ritual-shows they attempt through a series of unorthodox methods to convince the audience that everything is possible.

The Daxophone Consort is Daniel Fishkin, Cleek Schrey, and Ron Shalom. The daxophone is a modern instrument consisting of a thin, bowed wooden strip, whose sound ranges from delicate whistles to wild screams. Drawing on backgrounds in instrument building, theater, costume, and traditional music, the Consort creates and commissions new works and reinterprets the classical music canon from the 20th century through the middle ages. Past collaborators include Alvin Lucier, Yasunao Tone, the LeStrange Viols, Science Ficta, Gelsey Bell, and Judith Berkson.

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MAR 10,11,17,18 @8:30PM

MAR 15,16 @8:30PM

MAR 17, 18 @11PM

MAR 12,19 4PM

Approx. 60 mins

10 tickets for $10 are available for every performance.

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